The Team It Is A Changing

Apologies to Bob Dylan but we do have big news at Nucleus.  We’ve hired Matt Link as new member of our team.  Matt is a career insights professional, having spent the past 15 years leading B2C and B2B market research efforts for research firms and large organizations.  From small scale point-in-time surveys to large tracking studies and segmentation initiatives, Matt is to actionable marketing research what Charlie Daniels is to a fiddle.

Matt has contributed to research activities for numerous major brands, including PetSmart, Walmart, Sam’s Club, CenturyLink, Meritage Homes, Boston Consulting Group, ESPN, and DexOne to name a few. You can read more about Matt here.

In addition, after a stint as a contractor, Phil Goldberg also formally joined the team.  Quite simply, Phil knows the marketing business upside down and inside out, six ways from Sunday.  During his career in Chicago and Phoenix as a senior account strategist, Phil once calculated that he had worked on 80 brands, and that’s before joining Nucleus.  His resume includes Moen, Jim Beam, DKNY, Citibank, SC Johnson, Southwest Airlines, Hyatt, MGM Grand, Shamrock Farms and a host of others.  Phil never gets rattled, likes to go hiking, never misses an Arizona Cardinals game and is an admitted foodie.  He’s a mensch.  See more about Phil here.

With these two personnel changes and our steady long-time extended crew of partners, we’re more excited than ever about our ability to live out our mission and values.