Perfectly Put: What A Homeless Shelter Can Teach Us About Knowing Your Consumer

There is a homeless mission here in my adopted city that provides meals, shelter, clothing and job placement for the homeless. I’m not looking for a Congressional medal or anything, but we’ve tried to support them when we can over the years. Side Note: If you’re looking for a rewarding team-building activity, get your crew to make a few hundred sack lunches. Turns out it is pretty fun to get an assembly line going to produce peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that the rescue mission’s mobile crew will distribute. Guessing other rescue missions in other cities have similar activities.

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Back to the story…After one donation we made, we received a hand-written note from a staff person at the mission that said “May God bless you abundantly for helping us care for The Least, The Last and The Lost.” I don’t know if this person has any marketing or brand management background but I found his ability to encapsulate a target audience remarkable. You’d be surprised how often brands struggle to identify and describe their current or ideal consumer. It doesn’t have to be alliterative like the Phoenix Rescue Mission, but it is still a valuable exercise to be able to say in a phrase who it is that you truly seek to serve. At Nucleus, I can say we aim for visionary marketing-minded leaders who crave knowledge and creativity that inspires their decisions and drives their businesses. Using the rescue mission as an example, here’s your challenge for the day – can you sum up your prototypical customer?

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