Otis Bast

Otis, or Employee #2 as he sometimes likes to be called, has been with Nucleus since the beginning and has marketing in his genes. Well, sort of. His first owner’s sister worked at an ad agency.

Otis has skills in many areas, including insights into shedding behavior, strategic tail-wagging, barking at bad ideas and optimizing tummy rub techniques. He also is a firm believer in the idea that long walks lead to clearing the mind. A true purist when it comes to free thinking and creative expression, Otis even likes to go to the bathroom outside.

He enjoys eating fish and potato blend food with an occasional mix of steroids (possibly the same kind as Ryan Braun but that is not substantiated) to help with his arthritis. He lives in Moon Valley (in Phoenix) and terrifies the hell out of drivers of all types of delivery trucks including such brands as UPS, Fed-Ex and USPS.


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