Employee #2 Turns 14

Nucleus began in the spare bedroom of a house in Scottsdale (the not spectacular part of Scottsdale if we’re being honest) in 2005. About four weeks after that paperwork was filed, Otis The Handsome Boy became employee #2 after leaving his prior gig with the sister of a local art director. His Nucleus duties were simple. Hang out, be a sounding board, be a company cheerleader and eagerly go on early morning walks with employee #1. Eventually, Nucleus moved into office space and Otis wasn’t around as often but he has always remained part of the team.

As his legs have grown weaker, the walks are much fewer but the cheerleading role has never stopped.  Otis hit age 14 around the exact same time the company hit 13 years. He celebrated the occasion without a lot of frills but in trademark Otis style…laying at my feet on the deck of a cabin on a starry night near Flagstaff. Unless you count the presence of Chris LeDoux playing on an ipod in the background and Jack Daniels in a glass, it was just the two of us. A lot like the beginning.