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Introducing Mixtape: A Funky-Yet-Functional Coworking Space Brand Launch

Anyone who ever made a mixtape gets it. You wanted a certain energy…the right flow…a definite feeling. You deliberately assembled a blend of artists, creators and innovators that you respected. And you absolutely wanted something that would never get old.

That’s exactly what we did with Mixtape Creative Coworking, a brand we soft launched this summer. Just outside of Scottsdale in Northeast Phoenix, we’ve created a funky-yet-functional office environment. Mixtape features secure 24/7 access, two conference rooms (Columbia and Motown), Zoom booths, a kitchen, rec area, mail service, printer and a unique multi-purpose space we call Center Stage.

Best of all, the brand has flat pricing so no extra charges for using the conference room, using the scanner or grabbing a coffee.
Mixtape is a home base for Nucleus Marketing Lab plus serves an eclectic mix of other businesses, many of them run by friends and collaborators. In all, there are seven companies to date and still room for a few more.

Yes, launching a shared office space at the tail end of the pandemic was unusual but the reality is it has been nice to get back to sitting in a room together to brainstorm. It’s been great to spontaneously talk through a project without needing to text someone or set up a Teams call. Lastly, it’s made us realize that you almost forgot how nice it is to take a spur of the moment walk to a nearby pizza spot to have a slice for lunch with your colleague.

In other words, Mixtape has enabled what you might call a “harmonious” return to the office.
Take a spin through the website and let us know what you think.

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