You’re interested in Nucleus Marketing Lab but you have questions. We get it. So we’re doing you a solid and answering some of those questions right here. Have a question we didn’t answer? Contact us.

We’re categorically NOT that into categories and labels. We didn’t even have titles until we hit year #16. In naming the firm, we intentionally went with “lab” because labs are places for people who are curious. Sometimes that curiosity has us digging into consumer behavior dynamics. Sometimes that curiosity has us ideating a range of brand strategy platforms. Other times that curiosity has us writing copy and developing campaigns to explore how we can talk about a client’s business.
Yes, we do. Agencies have been Nucleus clients since the very beginning. Many of us come from an agency background. Like Steve’s orthopedist friend Josh will send you out for an MRI as part of treating your issue, sometimes agencies will bring in Nucleus to collaboratively devise a solution for their client. We know some good shops and if your need goes beyond what Nucleus can do, we’ll even make an introduction.
In a word, no. In fact, they like that we can make the leap from learning about a target customer to being able to connect with a target customer. We’re not just talking in abstract theory and dumping off a bunch of focus group transcripts and pie charts—we’ve walked a mile in their shoes. So, much like the post-production house or audio mixing studio will work with an agency but will also create direct content for a client, we do too.
Steve has a friend Clay who owns a number of successful restaurants and bars. Now Clay would love for you to come in for fish tacos and a beer. However, you might only be in the mood for fish tacos, or you might just have a powerful thirst for a brew. Clay is fine with that. In the same way, clients don’t necessarily have to hire Nucleus for both service areas.
Organizations that have a designated marketing function and resources. It might be one person or it might be a team or an entire department but in the vast majority of cases, it is brands that have the sophistication to have dedicated marketing folks steering the ship. And agencies working with clients that fit this description.
You bet. It’s amazingly simple and shown here.

No. But if you’re into that kind of thing, we know a good IP attorney and if you feel better with a ™ next to a diagram, he will gladly charge you $785 an hour and kick us back $5 of it.

No. We are realistic. There are many roads to Rome. We have a model that works for us but we know many successful shops have processes that help them do what they do. We’re pragmatic. You don’t have to take a blood oath or what not. If someone is acting like you are a moron if you don’t drink their Kool-Aid, kindly look for an emergency exit, keeping in mind the nearest exit may be behind you. Floor-level lighting will guide you.
Yes, we do. Our agency model works well for project work or for AOR type relationships. That said, we know sometimes clients will have different shops they use for different things. That’s cool. After all, did you ever know someone who was in a super-controlling relationship? How did that work out? Right.