Book Review: Hellhound On His Trail

I got really into Hampton Sides recently, reading four of his books in 2018. One book called In The Kingdom Of Ice was incredible but just as riveting was Hellhound On His Trail, about the senseless assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the hunt for his killer. The book didn’t pull a lot of punches. The Mayor of Memphis was an inflexible ingrate unwilling to improve conditions for African-American city sanitation workers even after one died. King was having an affair. Jesse Jackson was a posturing, microphone-loving glory-seeker. J. Edgar Hoover was weirder than people thought. The killer (not going to name his name intentionally) was a textbook loser. It’s a fascinating tale of sociology that covers human motivations while also offering a historical glimpse into a dark chapter in American history. Nucleus rating: 4 stars out of 5. As we send this email, it is right around the anniversary of the tragic assassination. Do yourself a favor and read this book.