Matt Link

Prior to joining Nucleus Marketing Lab in 2017, Matt spent 15 years leading B2C and B2B market research efforts for research firms and large organizations. From small scale point-in-time surveys to large tracking studies and segmentation initiatives, Matt is passionate about delivering actionable insights that drive businesses forward. In other words, he is to actionable marketing research what Charlie Daniels is to a fiddle. Matt has led research for numerous major brands, including PetSmart, Walmart, Sam’s Club, CenturyLink, Meritage Homes, Boston Consulting Group, ESPN, and DexOne.

Research Might Have Prevented This, (Or Did Bud Light Ask Anyone?)

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” has been a popular saying for quite some time and particularly relevant in the world we find ourselves in today.  Whether it be through social media, news content, product or service reviews, political discourse and candidate promotion, the “voices” appear to be getting louder – especially those on the …

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Hot Or Not: Business Edition

All businesses go through cycles where activity is high, and everything seems to be a priority.  Along those lines, the occasional “hot” insights project is inevitable and even expected.  However, in my previous lives before joining Nucleus, I often came across corporate cultures that almost make an art form of this, where every request is …

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