Andy Iverson

Andy’s start in brand strategy and insights was a simple one; he started his career in the creative department and after two worthless years, he was finally told that he just sucked at laying out print ads and direct mail pieces. Yet on the positive side, he was recognized as being very good at poking holes in the logic of creative strategy briefs. After being quickly shuffled out of the creative realm, Andy became an agency strategist which naturally opened the door to account planning. Since then he never looked back and has worked in Account Planning departments at agencies such as Rubin Postaer, Publicis Worldwide, Leo Burnett Technology Group and Barkley.

During his career, Andy has been to the Burke Institute for formal qualitative research moderator training and taken a number of courses on consumer psychology. Along the way he has conducted 200-plus qualitative projects with every age and type of consumer imaginable.

Andy represents the Texas outpost of Nucleus Marketing Lab where he lives with his wife, son, daughter and gun collection which he shows to anyone wanting to date said daughter. Andy earned his B.S. in Journalism from Texas A&M University.

Andy Iverson

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