Ad Critique: Jared Jewelry

In case you missed it during the obligatory pre-Valentine’s Day blitz of engagement ring campaigns in February, it appears that one jewelry brand had finally upped its game. Jared, the somewhat oddly-named Bermuda-based chain, seemed like it had long employed a creative team whose best work had been those noxious Howie Long and Teri Hatcher Radio Shack ads of yesterdecade.

In the past, Jared’s typical set-up was a woman with an excrement-eating grin obnoxiously showing off gaudy new baubles while her envious friends whispered knowingly of the lucky woman’s beau: “He went to Jared.” This year was different. The brand shed its Members Only jacket and entered 2019.  It wasn’t just that they were inclusive in showing marriages come in different forms,  or showing different spins on who does the asking.  They just came across less contrived and even a little more “with it.”  See the work here:

Note regarding Jared: NML has no connection to either the brand or the agency involved.